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Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Love And The Stillness Of Nature

It was another beautiful, calm autumn day when the first snowfall of the season made it's appearance.

Mother Nature called to us...

Come for a gentle paddle on the lake. Take in the moment. Breathe in the fresh air. Enjoy the stillness. Feel all the love around.

Naturally, we listened. Miranda and Pete the dog in the kayak. Myself and

Kitty Bluoo on the paddle board. Sitting with the calmness all around and soaking in the moment as we all do.

It's moments like these that fill my heart.

Sharing experinces, moments with who I love, what I love doing, in a place I love, makes it even fuller.

Remember to enjoy the moments, to fill your heart.

Note: Kitty Bluoo's life vest is a size xs. She can move around freely wearing it and swim like a champ. Here is a link to check one out if you have an adventure pet too!!!

Another note: I do earn a small commission if purchased from this link. Support small people.

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