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FML...I Am a Slacker...

I know I haven't shared much lately or basically at all since starting my blog... which is why I've decided to hold myself more accountable than ever, yes ever, and start writing/sharing more...more than like once a year, lol! I believe my story is important to share as is everyone else's. You never know who you will inspire or impact in a day and you can make a huge difference is someone's life!

As most of you know, I spent basically all of 2021 going through surgery, cancer treatment and healing. It wasn't an easy year with many ups and downs both physically and emotionally. I did my best to maintain a healthy, positive mindset, daily yoga, gratitude, excercise, adventures, basically, I did my best to keep living my life as I did pre-cancer.

And you know what, for the most part, I felt pretty fantastic, had energy, felt good after chemo treatments, handled radiation like a champ, basically no side effects from treatments and healed and am continuing to heal bloody well!

Honestly, I believe that drinking Kangen Water® helped my body handle treatment and heal as well as it has! It helped detox the chemotoxins out of my body faster, it kept my skin from getting rashes during radiation, it kept me ultimately hydrated, my guts in tact and kept me full of antioxidants! Without drinking Kangen®, I'm sure that my whole body would have handled treatment a heck of a lot differently and I'm sure, not in a good way.

One other amazing bonus I believe with Kangen® is that is has helped my hair grow back faster and thicker which is amazing as I love my hair (not that I didn't rock being bald, lol) Since it is has so many hydrating benefits it can promote a healthier, more hydrated scalp which promotes stronger and healthier hair!

Kangen Water® has made a huge and beneficial difference in my life and everyday I am grateful I invested in my health with a machine. I know I wouldn't feel as good without it nor rocked cancer treatment as excellent as I did.

Note: This is my own personal story with Kangen® and does not reflect on anyone else.

Also, I'm at about 8 months now and my hair has grown about another 2 inches...winning!!!

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