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Excuses...Give Them Up And Own It!

We're all guilty of it...excuses! I can hear you already, I don't make excuses, I just couldn't do this because of that. That my friend, that is an excuse right there. There's no hiding it, don't deny it, don't be ashamed, we are all excuse makers and that's okay.

Here, let me start...I could tell you that I had so much on this summer dealing with cancer and treatments, getting in quality time with family and friends, having epic adventures with my partner, relaxing, you know, plenty of excuses. And all that led me to having really no time to write on my Blog (I started this Blog months ago and have only posted once!) Here I am though, honesty Tarra coming at you and always will, may I have a drum roll please...I didn't feel like it. Plain and simple. I just didn't feel like it. Truth is, I had an amazing summer full of exploration, camping, hiking, adventuring, reading, laughing, love and all I desired was to be living in the moment, for the moment and to really soak each one in.

So there you have it folks, the truth. I just wasnt' feeling it and that's one hunderd percent okay. I'm okay with it and so should everyone in my life. If they're not, then maybe they shouldn't be in my life. If people can't accept me or you for who you are or for you being honest, then they don't deserve to be in your life as you are amazing!

Time to own that you are an excuse maker and change it! Pledge today, I will not make anymore excuses! I will be honest with myself and everyone. I will be truthful no matter the circumstances. If I don't feel like going for dinner with my bestie, I will tell them that instead of saying I already have plans. If someone asks how I got a coffee stain on my shirt, I'm going to tell them, ya it was me. I tripped over my own feet, spilled my delciously hot coffee, but hey, at least it didn't land on my white shoes! Then you look down and bam, it's on your white shoes....Nooooo, Whyyyyy??!! Now I'm completely off topic!

You get the point though I'm sure. Simple as that, just be honest. The world needs more of it, you will love and appreciate yourself more, it feels good and hey, honesty is just plain sexy! The time is now my friend, ditch the excuses, be honest and be sexy!

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