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Can You Find The Goodness In Everything?!

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

There are people in the world that always tend to lean to the "poor me" such as I have an old car, my clothes are totally not in style, my partner didn't do my laundry, ugh (insert ungratefulness here). Some even go as far as needing to be one up on everyone, that nothing is good enough. They do their best to find the bad or negatives in everything and anything possible. (I hope not by choice, it is most likely a formed habit over time and a negative mindset. This can be changed overtime if desired)

Me, I am the opposite. I like to do my best to see the good and positive in everything as well as learn as much as I can from it. For example, when I was diagnosed with cancer in Jan. 2021, I didn’t let it break my stride nor get me down. Sure there were many days I struggled with many downs both physically and emotionally. However, I held my chin high, I reminded myself of how strong I am internally and externally, how resilient my body is, that I wouldn't let cancer get the best of me, that I would focus on the positives and keep a positive mindset and I would continue to live my life exactly as I was pre-cancer (full of adventure, laughs and love).

I learned many life lessons and grew so much. In fact, now this may sound strange, I am grateful for all I went through and continuously am to this day (as we know, even though my tretments are over, the post-cancer isn't). My life journey with all it's ups and downs, highs and lows, negaitives and positives, have made me the strong, confident, beautiful human being I am today!

Here's your little reminder to keep looking at the light instead of the dark. Don't fear what the unkown holds in fact, the unkown can carry an abundance of opportunities, potential, knowledge, rewards and growth. Do your best to step into it often with open arms, an open mind and an open heart. The Universe will be there to guide you.

And always do your best to find the good in all and keep that positive energy flowing. Your life and world will be a much more joyous space!

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